Patanjali Solar Panels

Patanjali Solar Panels

Patanjali Renewable Solar PV Panels are one of the best solar panels in India. They are made of 90% Indian raw materials to withstand extreme weather conditions in different parts of India. The product is designed to perform, irrespective of the geographical conditions, and comes with a superfluity of functional innovations for residential, commercial, and utility-scale installations.It is a Mono and polycrystalline modules made of high-grade raw material. It is an automated module manufacturing line production. The modules range is from 5WP to 340 WP. 100 % EL tested modules to ensure defect-free, durable and sturdy build, superior low light irradiation performance – 200W/m², up to 17.8% efficiency, IEC & BIS certified modules with 25 years Manufacturer Warranty.



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