About Us

About Us

Shemesh Energy Pvt. Ltd. is supercilious to be the sole distributor of Patanjali Renewable Pvt. Ltd. in Uttar Pradesh.After serving the country in every natural aspect over years and with the everlasting vision of Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna Ji into renewable energy sources. Shemesh Energy Pvt.Ltd. is now stepping to reach a large portion of the country’s population, assisting them to solve their electricity related issues through solar energy. Shemesh Energy Pvt. Ltd. venturing into solar energy for cities, villages and towns with affordable price range.

Shemesh Energy Pvt. Ltd. is an extensive renewable energy resource provider who are the colonist in the field of renewable energy resource. As a pioneer in the field, we provide our clients with the best technical and profitable advice to help them in implementing it in order to attain the most attainable renewable energy solutions.


When we initially thought about the forthcomings of the solar energy, we came across the inestimable statements of Baba Ramdev Ji regarding nature and its importance, “We aim to promote nature’s energy”.
This particular statement grabbed our attention towards the diversified benefits of solar energy as not to only consider it as the primary source of energy but also using it in the practical world of daily applications.
Today’s scenario requires immediate and front footsteps towards sustainable development through sustainable use of energy resources. The present era demands to subsidize the pressure on the fossil fuels and shifting the power supplies from coal, petroleum, oil, etc. to the renewable energy resources such as- natural gas, wind, solar, geothermal and other natural resources. We all need to make immense investments in the solar panels to make it affordable for everyone, as a change needs to be fashioned which is adaptable with masses.
Shemesh Energy Pvt. Ltd. is a company which works on the mission to provide India an effective alternative source of energy which will not only help them in conservation but will also grant economical benefits. We are empowering India in establishing itself as the apex solar power generating country in the world.


With the immense capability and thousands of satisfied individuals and companies, our mission is to promote solar energy up to the extent or beyond to become the no.1 company distributing solar energy products.

India is the 4th largest country with regard to power generation capacity in the field of renewable energy resources. With the tremendous potentiality of our country to harness renewable sources we are up hilling the battle to reach to the top and becoming the largest renewable energy generating country in the world.


To provide the pre-eminent value of products and services in the solar energy industry to the individuals and industries for various commercial, residential and industrial activities through designing, analyzing, installing the best quality of solar energy systems under customer’s convenience at a lower cost with high customer satisfaction.


From start to the completion of the project, we are here to assist you in every possible way to solve your problems and queries related to installation and after sale services.


Human wants are Unlimited and are recurring in nature whereas the resources to satisfy those wants are Limited. Therefore it is necessary to conserve natural resources and use the resources in such a way that it satisfies the needs of present generation without compromising the need of the future generation.

Waste generates environmental problems if not properly disposed off. The disposal of waste products involves no cost to the manufacturer and the producer which results in overutilization of products. The process of recycling helps in turning waste into new products which is an outstanding step taken in order to protect the environment, efficient disposal and conversion of used products into new ones.

Resources available to like petrol, diesel, natural gas, minerals etc. are of non-renewable nature and will extinguish if utilized on the same rate. It is the need of the hour to switch to the alternative uses of these resources such as hydro energy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, use of CNG or public transportation etc.

We Specialize in

Solar PV Panel Manufacture 75%
Power Storage 80%
Life Expentancy 100%
Green Solar Energy Solutions 95%

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